The Structure of Industrial Sieve Tray Froths



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Raper, J. A., Kearney, M. S., Burgess, J. M. & Fell, C. (1982). The Structure of Industrial Sieve Tray Froths. Chemical Engineering Science, 37 (4), 501.


A bubble size and velocity measurement probe and gamma-ray densitometry have been used to provide a quantitative description of the froths formed on industrial type sievetrays. The bubbles present in these froths are similar to those previously reported, but with increasing gas loading an increasing proportion of the gas fed to the tray passes through the dispersion in the form in intermittent jets. Each orifice spends a part of its operating cycle in jetting mode, with tray design playing only a small part in determining the amount of gas bypass whilst jetting occurs. Recognition of the role of intermittent jets in tray processes explains previously observed trends in mass transfer (tray efficiency) on industrialtrays.

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