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Yang, Z., Du, G., Meng, Q., Guo, Z., Yu, X., Chen, Z., Guo, T. & Zeng, R. (2011). Dispersion of SnO2 nanocrystals on TiO2(B) nanowires as anode material for lithium ion battery applications. RSC Advances, 1 (9), 1834-1840.


TiO2(B)@SnO2 core–shell hybrid nanowires have been synthesized by a facile hydrothermal process and subsequent liquid phase reaction. Hybrid nanowire electrodes exhibit excellent reversible lithium storage capacity rate capability and good cyclability, mainly due to the particular architecture of the composite, which features an open continuous channel along its axis, facilitating lithium ion diffusion, and provides effective mechanical support for the TiO2(B) core, alleviating the stress produced during discharge–charge cycling and also preventing the pulverization of the Sn nanoparticles. Owing to its superior electrochemical performance, this composite could be a promising potential anode material for lithium ion batteries.

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