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Sheikh, M. Neaz., Xiong, J. & Li, W. (2011). MR Damper in Reducing Pounding Effect of Base-Isolated RC Highway Bridge. In K. McCue & S. Anderson (Eds.), AEES Conference 2010 Australia: Australian Earthquake Engineering Society.


Significant structural damage due to pounding between adjacent superstructures of multispan reinforced concrete (RC) highway bridges has been observed in past earthquakes. Different methods have been proposed in the literature to mitigate the adverse pounding effect. This paper presents an analytical investigation on the use of magnetorheological (MR) dampers in reducing the pounding effect of base-isolated multi-span RC highway bridges. It has been observed that MR damper can effectively reduce adverse pounding effect. Three control strategies (passive off, passive on, and bang bang control) of MR damper have been investigated. Although all the control strategies are found to be effective, the bang bang control has been observed to be the most effective.

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