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This article was originally published as Sun L, Liu, HK, Bradhurst, DH and Dou, SX, The Electrode Properties of Mg1.9Al0.1Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1 Alloy by Mechanical Grinding with Ni Powders, Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 2(4), 1999, 164-166. Copyright The Electrochemical Society. Original journal available here.


A modified magnesium alloy of composition Mg1.9Al0.1Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1 was prepared by mechanical grinding with Ni powder for periods up to 120 h. The resulting structures of the Mg1.9Al0.1Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1 alloys were found to be amorphous. The electrodes of the modified Mg1.9Al0.1Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1 alloys had large discharge capacities. At a discharge current rate of 50 mA/g, the capacity was 630 mAh/g after 50 h of mechanical grinding and 510 mAh/g after 120 h of mechanical grinding.

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