Behaviour of equipment cabinet under shock



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Al Abadi, H. A., Lam, N., Gad, E. F., Chandler, A. & Sheikh, M. Neaz. (2005). Behaviour of equipment cabinet under shock. In A. J. Deeks & H. Hao (Eds.), Behaviour of equipment cabinet under shock, pp. 917-922, London: Taylor & Francis Group.


Computer and electronic equipment in a building may cease to function in the event of an earthquake, explosion or impact. The unprecedented interruption to the proper functioning of the equipment could have severe consequences, particularly if it is part of a lifeline installation, communication and power generation/distribution facilities. The failure of the equipment could be caused by damage to the wiring or damage to the electronic components in the equipment itself. For cabinets which are floor mounted and do not have adequate restraints, three types of responses or combinations of the three can occur, namely; (i) sliding, (ii) rocking, and (iii) overturning. This paper presents the development of impact shocks on a computer cabinet under rocking motion. Experimental tests along with dynamic modelling have been carried out to assist in the development of the predictive model. Also a proposed strategy for predicting the capacity of housed equipment is presented.

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