Deposition of YBCO thin film by aerosol assisted spray pyrolysis using nitrates



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Kim, B., Hong, S., Kim, J., Kim, J., Dou, S. X., Dunlop, L., Kursumovic, A., MacManus-Driscoll, J. L., Lee, H. & Hong, G. (2011). Deposition of YBCO thin film by aerosol assisted spray pyrolysis using nitrates. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 21 (3), 2937-2940.


Coated conductor by MOCVD shows the best Ic × L performance currently, but cost reduction is still ongoing issue. R&D effort for a process capable of utilizing cheap alternative precursors were tried by many research groups but few of them showed results having potential for replacing current MOCVD. Spray pyrolysis method adopting ultrasonic atomization was tried as one of the possible options. Y123 films have been deposited on LaAlO3 (100) single-crystal and IBAD substrates by aerosol assisted spray pyrolysis method. Ultrasonic atomization was used in order to generate fine droplets of precursor solution made of Y, Ba, Cu nitrate. A pre-heater was located between spraying nozzle and substrate for fast drying and enhancing decomposition of precursors. SEM and XRD observation revealed that deposited films have smooth and dense microstructure. The influence of operating parameters such as cation stoichiometry, oxygen partial pressure, substrate temperature on the microstructure, formation of superconducting 123 phases and superconducting properties of deposited films were tested. Ex-situ conversion was tried to decrease the possible reactions between precursor compounds and buffer layer materials of metal substrate showed the possibility of adopting this technique for epitaxial growth of 123 phase on metal substrate.

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