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Guo, Y., Gu, Q., Guo, Z., Mao, J., Liu, H., Dou, S. & Yu, X. (2011). A GBH/LiBH4 coordination system with favorable dehydrogenation. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21 (20), 7138-7144.


A novel combined hydrogen storage system LiBH4/[C(NH2)3]+[BH4] (GBH) complexes were reported. By a short time ball milling of LiBH4 and guanidinium chloride, a series of new LiBH4/GBH complexes were produced. It was found that the two potential hydrogen storage materials exhibited a mutual dehydrogenation improvement, releasing >10.0 wt.% of fairly pure H2 from LiBH4/GBH below 250 °C. Further investigations revealed that balancing the protic and hydridic hydrogens, and the complexation between LiBH4 and GBH, are two important roles in the improvement of the dehydrogenation of this system, which may serve as an alternative strategy for developing a new metal borohydride/B–N–H system with favourable dehydrogenation.

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