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Liu, P., Cheng, Z., Du, Y. & Wang, X. (2011). Effects of cu and fe doping on raman spectra and on the structural and magnetic properties of ErMnO3. Journal of Applied Physics, 109 (7), 1-3.


Single phase ErMexMn1−xO3 (Me = Cu, Fe; 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.1) samples were synthesized by the solid state reaction method. The differences between the doping effects on the Raman spectra and on the structural, magnetic, and thermal properties of the two systems have been systematically investigated. In the ErCuxMn1−xO3 system, lattice parameter a increases with doping, while lattice parameter c decreases. It is more complicated in the ErFexMn1−xO3 system, where lattice parameter a decreases with doping, while lattice parameter c is enhanced after an initial slight decrease. Raman spectra show that the phonon peaks of ErFexMn1−xO3 slightly shift to higher frequencies with doping, while those of ErCuxMn1−xO3 apparently shift toward lower frequencies. Heat capacity data indicates that the Néel temperature of ErMnO3 is reduced to 61 K for ErCu0.1Mn0.9O3 by Cu doping, whereas it is slightly enhanced to 79 K for ErFe0.1Mn0.9O3 through Fe doping.

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