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Norrish, J, Cuiuri, D & Hossain, M, Modelling and simulation of the Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt (MIAB) process for transmission pipeline applications, 2005, International Pipeline Integrity Conference Australia: WITA, Welding Technology Insitute of Australia.


Early patents for the Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt process (MIAB) date back to 1940 [1] and the basic principles of the process have remained unchanged from this time. The process was however refined in the 1970s for use in the production of automotive components and has been used extensively in this area. Investigation of the process for pipe girth welding have been reported and commercial pipe welding heads are reported to be available in the Ukraine [2], Although the process is well established it is believed that a more fundamental analysis of the mechanisms involved would assist in the optimisation of operating parameters. The current work is aimed at modeling the process to assist in its development for small diameter thin walled transmission and distribution pipelines. The paper describes the initial steps in this research.

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