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Hastie, DB, Wypych, PW & Arnold, PC, Influences on the prediction of conveyor trajectory profiles, Particulate Science and Technology, 28(2), 2010, p 132-145.


Seven belt conveyor trajectory methods, C.E.M.A., M.H.E.A., Booth, Golka, Korzen, Goodyear, and Dunlop, are presented with their differences explained. Each method uses equations to determine the X and Y coordinates of the trajectory profile. Some methods also use graphical approaches, which allow a quicker determination of the trajectory. Methods such as C.E.M.A., Goodyear, and Dunlop use very few particle properties, while the Korzen method uses many. The parameters used in each method have been investigated to evaluate their impact on the predicted conveyor trajectory. The parameters that showed the most influence are adhesive stress, coefficients of static and kinetic friction, particle shape and size, and divergent coefficients.

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