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Hastie, DB, Grima, AP & Wypych, PW, Modelling and design of complete conveyor transfers, 2nd Annual Conveyors in Mining 2008, p 20, Perth, WA: IIR Conferences.


This paper presents the chute flow analysis for a granular cohesionless material in a hood and spoon style transfer chute and bench scale testing methods to calculate the coefficient of restitution, particle rotation restraint and the coefficient of friction between particles of granular material. The experimental chute flow investigations were performed on a conveyor transfer research facility located at the University of Wollongong, using high-speed video to capture the granular flow and subsequently analysed with the Image Pro Plus software package. The bench scale tests were analysed to determine the input parameters for the DEM simulations of the trajectories and hood and spoon transfer chutes. Continuum-based analyses were used to predict the flow through the conveyor transfer. DEM provided a third means of quantification and prediction of the particle velocity through the transfer spoon. These methods were then compared to determine whether continuum and/or discrete element methods allow for accurate prediction of chute flow.

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