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Hastie, DB & Wypych, PW, Conveyor trajectory prediction methods - a review, Bulk Materials Handling Conference, BULKEX 2006, p 1-15, Melbourne: Australian Bulk Handling.


The accurate design of conveyor transfers for the efficient transfer of product from one conveyor to another is of utmost importance and companies can not afford a hit and miss approach in their construction. Several key particle mechanisms occur within a transfer chute, discharge from a belt conveyor, trajectory, impact, free-fall and chute flow. This paper will focus on the prediction of product discharge and product trajectory from conveyor belts, which are the defining elements determining the flow through a conveyor transfer. There are several approaches available in the literature which will be reviewed taking into account issues such as the parameters used in the trajectory determination, complexity of method and potential accuracy. Following this review, trajectory curves for a range of belt velocities and pulley diameters will be generated to allow visual scrutiny of each method and to better compare one method to another.

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