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Wypych, PW & Hastie, DB, Modelling solids friction factor for dense-phase pneumatic conveying of powders, Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Particle Technology, 2006, p 1-7, USA: World Congress on Particle Technology.


This paper presents results from an investigation into power-function modelling of solids friction factor for the dilute-phase and fluidised dense-phase (FDP) conveying of powders. Three different diameters/lengths of pipeline were used to generate a wide range of steady-state data and also explore important scale-up issues. The effect of pressure tapping locations on the data and derived models was also investigated. Different sets of power-function model solutions were used for comparison purposes and also to check scale-up stability and accuracy. Comparisons with predictions from recent models developed by other researchers are included. It is concluded that certain forms of the power function model are more stable (in terms of scale-up) than others. The paper also demonstrates how existing models can go unreliable or unstable under certain scale-up conditions and discusses possible causes of such problems.

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