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This article was originally published as: Yang, CH, Wright, A, Gao, F, Zhang, C, Zeng, Z & Xu, W, Two colour plasmon excitation in an electron-hole bilayer structure controlled by the spin-orbit interaction, Applied Physics Letters, 2006, 88, 223102. Copyright 2006 American Institute of Physics. Original journal available here.


In recent years, the terahertz plasma effects in high-mobility electronic systems have attracted much attention theoretically and experimentally. Plasma excitation in the terahertz regime can be used for generation, detection, and frequency multiplication of terahertz radiation. A channel of a field-effect transistor with sufficiently high electron mobility can serve as a resonant cavity for the plasma oscillation. When the signal period is in the vicinity of the electron transit time, self-excitation of plasma oscillation can occur. If the typical plasma frequency is in the terahertz regime, the phenomenon can be used as a terahertz source.

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