Minimum Transport for Dense-Phase Conveying of Granules



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Wypych, PW, Yi, J & Hastie, DB, Minimum Transport for Dense-Phase Conveying of Granules, Particulate Science and Technology: An International Journal, 21(1), 2003, p 75-82.


The minimum transport or capacity limitation boundary for low-velocity slug-flow pneumatic conveying affects the design and operation of conveying systems. Unfortunately, the relevant mechanisms involved with this boundary still lack full understanding and assessment. Investigations have been carried out to model the capacity limitation for the low-velocity slug-flow pneumatic conveying of poly granules through horizontal pipes. Pipeline diameter, air mass flow rate, and operating pressure have been found to affect the maximum slugging capacity of this material. A semiempirical equation has been established to predict the maximum solids mass flow rate for a given air mass flow rate and conveying pipeline. Good agreement has been achieved between the model predictions and the experimental results over a wide range of airflows and pressures.

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