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Hastie, DB, Guiney, P, Wypych, PW, & Pan, R, Transportation Boundaries of Slug-flow in a Horizontal Pipeline, From Powder to Bulk International Conference on Powder and Bulk Solids Handling, 2000, p 287-296, London, UK: Professional Engineering Publishing Ltd.


An experimental program was established to investigate boundaries in low-velocity slug-flow pneumatic conveying. A straight horizontal pipeline of L=21m and D=60.3mm ID was set up for actual conveying trials and a simple rig was designed and built specifically to simulate the boundaries of slug-flow. After running several tests in the simulation rig with a sample of the product, the slug-flow were able to be determined with good accuracy. Combined with the theoretical correlations developed to determine pressure drop in slug-flow, reliable operating conditions can be predicted. Good agreement was achieved after the predicted results were compared with the experimental results from the large-scale pipeline.

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