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Rashidi, M, Lemass, BP & Gibson, P, A decision support system for concrete bridge maintenance, In Wei-Zhen Lu, J, Leung, AYT, Iu, V & Mok, K (Eds), ISCM II & EPMESC XII: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computational Mechanics and 12th International Conference on the Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science, 2010, p 1372-1377, USA: American Institute of Physics.


The maintenance of bridges as a key element in transportation infrastructure has become a major concern for asset managers and society due to increasing traffic volumes, deterioration of existing bridges and well-publicised bridge failures. A pivotal responsibility for asset managers in charge of bridge remediation is to identify the risks and assess the consequences of remediation programs to ensure that the decisions are transparent and lead to the lowest predicted losses in recognized constraint areas. The ranking of bridge remediation treatments can be quantitatively assessed using a weighted constraint approach to structure the otherwise ill-structured phases of problem definition, conceptualization and embodiment [1]. This Decision Support System helps asset managers in making the best decision with regards to financial limitations and other dominant constraints imposed upon the problem at hand. The risk management framework in this paper deals with the development of a quantitative intelligent decision support system for bridge maintenance which has the ability to provide a source for consistent decisions through selecting appropriate remediation treatments based upon cost, service life, product durability/sustainability, client preferences, legal and environmental constraints. Model verification and validation through industry case studies is ongoing.

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