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Buranajarukorn, P, Gibson, PR & Arndt, G, The problems of implementation of Total Quality Management in Thai manufacturing SMEs, Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems and Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers Conference, 2006, p 238-248, Thailand: APIEMS 2006.


Thai manufacturing SMEs have played a major role in developing Thai economy, social and employment. In this situation, they have been confronted by forceful overseas competitors, especially in lowcost producers such as China, India, Vietnam, etc. They need to upgrade organisational performance in order to increasing their international competitiveness. However, most of Thai manufacturing SMEs have been inadequate modern technology when compared to large enterprises. Therefore, management technique i.e. TQM has been introduced to implement in Thai manufacturing SMEs for establishing a good quality management system, developing human resources and increasing business performance. The questionnaire was used as a tool for gathering data in this research. Firstly, it presented the main problems of establishment of TQM in Thai manufacturing SMEs by following the seven criteria of TQA; Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer and Market Focus, Information and Analysis, Human Resource Focus, Process Management, and Business Results. Secondly, the SWOT analysis was used for examining the Strengths and Weaknesses and evaluating the Opportunities and Threats to Thai manufacturing SMEs. Finally, it found that Thai manufacturing SMEs lacked in cooperating with Government units. All these problems may lead Thai manufacturing SMEs to be unsuccessful implementation of TQM in their organisation, therefore they should realise their problems and business environment, and then develop all aspects of management systems in TQM and establish a strong partnership network with government.

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