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Monaghan, BJ, Nightingale, SA & Dong, Q, The effect of an applied electrical potential on refractory corrosion by slag, In Rigaud, M & Allaire, C (Eds), Proceedings of Fourth International Symposium on Advances in Refractories for the Metallurgical Industries IV, 2004, p 677-686, Canada: Met Soc.


An investigation has been carried out to assess the effects of an applied voltage on the dissolution rate of MgO refractory in a steelmaking like slag. In this study corrosion results obtained from dip tests using a dense direct bonded MgO refractory in a CaO-SiO2-Fe2O3-FeO-MgO slag are presented. These results demonstrate that the application of a voltage across a dense MgO refractory-slag interface can change the rate of refractory dissolution. For the slag composition used and the voltage range tested, it was found that a maximum corrosion rate was obtained at a voltage setting of –0.45V. The results of this investigation have been explained in terms of voltage affects on Marangoni (interfacial tension induced) stirring and its effect on the MgO dissolution reaction that is at least partly controlled by mass transfer in the slag.

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