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Gazder, A. A., Hazra, S. S., Gu, C. F., Cao, W. Q., Davies, C. H J. & Pereloma, E. V. (2010). Mechanical, microstructure and texture properties of interstitial-free steel and copper subjected to equal channel angular extrusion and cold-rolling. In 15th International Conference on the Strength of Materials (ICSMA-15), 16-21 Aug 2009, Dresden, German. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 240 (1), 012110-1-012110-4.


Interstitial-free steel and OFHC copper were subjected to 8 passes, route BC room temperature ECAE followed by cold-rolling up to 97.5% thickness reduction. Uniaxial tensile tests and Electron Back-Scattering Diffraction were used to characterise the evolution in mechanical properties, microstructure refinement and micro-texture. IF-steel showed continuous increase in strength whereas Cu returned reduced strength and a small gain in ductility at 97.5% reduction. In both metals substructure refinement was accompanied by an increase in high-angle boundary fraction, average misorientation and a slight increase in Σ3 boundaries. An evolution of crystallographic orientations from negative shear to predominantly cold-rolled textures after 95% and 97.5% reduction was observed in both metals.

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