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This article was originally published as: Peleckis, G, Wang, XL and Dou, SX, Absence of ferromagnetism and strong spin-orbital coupling in polycrystalline in and Co codoped Zn/sub 1-x/Co/sub 0.075/In /sub x/O oxide, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, October 2005, 41(10), 2739-2741. Copyright IEEE 2005.


Polycrystalline samples of In and Co codoped ZnO (Zn1-xInxCo0.075O; 0.010≤x≤0.020) oxide were prepared by solid-state synthesis technique. Phase purity and structure refinement done by means of the Rietveld analysis technique shows that both Co and In substitute properly into Zn positions. In doping, increased bulk conductivity of the samples at room temperature indicates an increase of charge carrier concentration. All samples showed paramagnetic behavior following Curie-Weiss law at close to room temperatures, with short range antiferromagnetic interaction with Θ≈-200 K. Effective magnetic moment (μeff) calculations showed a strong orbital contribution to the value of μeff, increasing with an increase of In content (x).

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