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Saini, DP, Internationalization of Higher Education and Research in Manufacturing in Asian Region, In Radcliffe, D (Eds), ASEE Global Colloquium of Engineering Education, 2005, p 1-10, Australia: School of Engineering, The University of Queensland.


During the past few decades, a number of Asian economies have expe rienced spectacular growths of twentieth century. The rapid expansion of the manufacturing sector based on mainly low and medium technology has contributed significantly in these economic growths. In order to maintain their competitiveness and enhance their exports, these nations are realising the need of a multi-pronged approach involving development of new high value products, unmanned manufacturing employing sophisticated machinery and better manufacturing management. Unable to meet the vast demand of scientists and engineers expected during implementation of this strategy, many countries of this region are looking for assistance and collaboration for expanding their higher education in manufacturing engineering as well as research and development capability. Australia, amongst many developed nations can play an active and key role in the development of higher education and research in many countries of the Asian region. This paper first explores the scope of such collaborative opportunities and then details how the universities and research organisations from developed countries including Australia can employ networking and establish collaborative research projects benefiting all the participants.

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