On-Line Tool Wear Estimation in CNC Turning Operations using Fuzzy Neural Network Model



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Chungchoo, C & Saini, DP, On-Line Tool Wear Estimation in CNC Turning Operations using Fuzzy Neural Network Model, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, 42, 2002, 29-40.


In recent past, several neural network models which employ cutting forces and AErms or their derivatives for estimation as well as classification of flank wear have been developed. However, a significant variation in mean cutting forces and AErms at the start of cutting operation for similar new tools can result in estimation and classification error. In order to deal with this problem, a new on-line fuzzy neural network (FNN) model is presented in this paper. This model has four parts. The first part of the model is developed to classify tool wear by using fuzzy logic. The second part of this model is designed for normalizing the inputs for the next part. The third part consisting of modified least-square backpropagation neural network is built to estimate flank and crater wear. The development of forth part was done in order to adjust the results of the third part. Several basic and derived parameters including forces, AErms, skew and kurtosis of force bands, as well as the total energy of forces were employed as inputs in order to enhance the accuracy of tool wear prediction. The experimental results indicate that the proposed on-line FNN model has a high accuracy for estimating progressive flank and crater wear with small computational time.

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