A Computer Algorithm for Flank and Crater Wear Estimation in CNC Turning Operations



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Chungchoo, C & Saini, DP, A Computer Algorithm for Flank and Crater Wear Estimation in CNC Turning Operations, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, 42, 2002, p 1465-1477.


In order to increase the productivity of turning processes, several attempts have been made in the recent past for tool wear estimation and classification in turning operations. The tool flank and crater wear can be predicted by a number of models including statistical, pattern recognition, quantitative and neural network models. In this paper, a computer algorithm of new quantitative models for flank and crater wear estimation is presented. First, a quantitative model based on a correlation between increases in feed and radial forces and the average width of flank wear is developed. Then another model which relates acoustic emission (AErms) in the turning operation with the flank and crater wear developed on the tool is presented. The flank wear estimated by the first model is then employed in the second model to predict the crater wear on the tool insert. The influence of flank and crater wear on AErms generated during the turning operation has also been investigated. Additionally, chip-flow direction and tool–chip rake face interfacing area are also examined. The experimental results indicate that the computer program developed, based on the algorithm mentioned above, has a high accuracy for estimation of tool flank wear.

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