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Xu, X., Kim, J., Hossain, M., Park, J., Zhao, Y., Dou, S. X., Yeoh, W., Rindfleisch, M. & Tomsic, M. (2008). Phase transformation and superconducting properties of MgB2 using ball-milled low purity boron. Journal of Applied Physics, 103 (2), 023912-(7pages).


MgB2 samples were prepared by using 96% boron (B) powder with strong crystalline phase that had been ball milled for various times. We observed samples that contained ball-milled 96% B in comparison with one made from as-supplied commercial 96% B, with the results showing a significant enhancement in the high field critical current density (Jc) due to small grain size and better reactivity. Specifically, many grain boundaries for MgB2 could be acting as strong flux pinning centers. Based on Rowell connectivity analysis, when the ball-milling time increased, the connectivity factor, described as the active cross-sectional area fraction (AF), was decreased. This implies that the intergrain connectivity became worse. These properties could lead to poor Jc in low field. However, the pinning force strength, Jc1/2×B1/4, of samples using ball-milled 96% B is larger than that of the reference sample using commercial 96% B powder. These results accompany enhanced irreversibility (Hirr) and upper critical fields (Hc2).

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