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Moscrop, J. W. & Hopkins, S. (2009). Development and performance analysis of a saturated core high temperature superconducting fault current limiter. 19th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (pp. 1-6). Adelaide, Australia: AUPEC.


Recent international activity in the field of high voltage Fault Current Limiters (FCLs) has intensified since the North American blackout of 2003. A number of national and international peak body groups in the USA, Europe and Japan have been established to assess the need for FCLs and the issues associated with their design, specification, operation, protection and integration into the electricity grids. This paper details the development of a prototype 3-phase saturated core High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) FCL in Australia. Through experimental analysis, the performance of this device is characterised in terms of DC saturation, steady state performance, and fault current limiting ability.

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