Transition velocity function for impulse control systems



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Van Duin, S., Ahlswede, M. & Cook, C. David. (2009). Transition velocity function for impulse control systems. 6th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (pp. 222-227). Italy: INSTICC Press.


This paper presents a modified impulse controller that is used to improve the velocity tracking of a servomechanism having characteristics of high nonlinear friction. A hybrid control scheme consisting of a conventional PID part and an impulsive part is used as a basis to the modified controller. This has previously been used to improve the position and velocity tracking of robot manipulators at very low velocities. Experiments show that at higher velocities the improved performance of the impulse part of the hybrid controller diminishes and can be counterproductive at these speeds when compared to conventional PID control alone. The modified hybrid impulse controller in this paper uses a mathematical function to transition the amount of torque from an impulse as a function of velocity to achieve more precise tracking across a range of velocities

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