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This article was originally published as Kaplan, GI, Rosenfeld, AB, Allen, BJ et al, Improved spatial resolution by MOSFET dosimetry of an x-ray microbeam, Medical Physics, 27, 2000, 239. Original American Institute of Physics journal available here.


Measurement of the lateral profile of the dose distribution across a narrow x-ray microbeam requires a dosimeter with a micron resolution. We investigated the use of a MOSFET dosimeter in an ‘‘edge-on’’ orientation with the gate insulating oxide layer parallel to the direction of the beam. We compared results using this technique to Gafchromic film measurements of a 200 micrometer wide planar x-ray microbeam. The microbeam was obtained by using a vernier micrometerdriven miniature collimator attached to a Therapax DXT300 x-ray machine operated at 100 kVp . The ‘‘edge-on’’ application allows utilization of the ultra thin sensitive volume of the MOSFET detector. Spatial resolution of both the MOSFET and Gafchromic film dosimeters appeared to be of about 1 micrometer. The MOSFET dosimeter appeared to provide more uniform dose profiles with the advantage of on-line measurements.

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