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Yong, B., Shen, J., Shen, Z., Chen, H., Wang, X. & Zhou, Q. (2018). GVM Based Intuitive Simulation Web Application for Collision Detection. Neurocomputing, 279 63-73


Computer simulation, which has been proved to be an effective approach to problem solving, is nowadays widely used in modern science. However, it requires a lot of computing resources, which are difficult for general users to acquire. In this paper, we design a Web based system to implement on-line simulation system for ordinary users. As a useful example, the simulation of one type of collision detection model is presented in this paper. Moreover, the software application of simulation is offered as a service on Web. Meanwhile, the incorporation of general vector machine (GVM, a type of neural network) to intelligently predict the relationship between simulation parameters and computation resources is presented, which could further provide more information for system monitoring and scheduling. The system has demonstrated efficiency and intuitiveness for users of this type of applications.