Mathematical modelling of fluid flow inside trumpet-shaped ladle shrouds



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Zhang, J., Yang, S., Li, M., Chen, Z., Jiang, Z. & Li, J. (2017). Mathematical modelling of fluid flow inside trumpet-shaped ladle shrouds. Ironmaking and Steelmaking, 44 (10), 732-738.


Trumpet-shaped ladle shroud (TLS) has been widely employed in practical continuous casting processes. In this study, the fundamental flow pattern in an industrialised TLS is discussed using large eddy simulation. The effect of geometrical designs on fluid flow is investigated for two types of TLSs. The flow structure is found to be sensitive to the ratio (H/D) of the trumpet length (H) to outlet diameter (D). The H/D is suggested to be equal to or larger than four in the current cases to obtain a well-developed flow pattern and avoid reverse flow at the outlet of the TLS. Plant observations show that a relatively quiet molten bath and well covered tundish flux are achieved using the optimised TLS.

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