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Alhussainy, F., Sheikh, M. Neaz. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2017). Ultimate Capacity Estimate of Self-Compacting Concrete-Filled Small Diameter Steel Tubes under Axial Load. In Z. Tao, F. R. Mashiri & M. Hassan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Structural Engineering Research (iCSER2017) (pp. 155-160). Sydney, Australia: Science, Technology and Management Crest Australia.

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Science, Technology and Management Crest Australia


This study explores the effect of length to diameter (𝐿/𝐷) ratio on the axial load capacity of selfcompacting concrete-filled small diameter steel tube (SCFT) specimens. The SCFT specimens with 𝐿/𝐷 ratio of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 were tested. Two different cold-formed steel tubes were used in the construction of the SCFT specimens. For each 𝐿/𝐷 ratio, two specimens were tested. For tension tests, three specimens were tested for each type of unfilled steel tube. A total of 62 steel tube specimens were tested which included 6 specimens under axial tension and 56 specimens under axial compression. The experimental results of the SCFT specimens were compared with the estimates from three design standards: American Standard, Canadian Standard and European Standard (Eurocode 4). It was found that Eurocode 4 provided the best estimate, whereas American Standard provided the most conservative estimate. Also, when the 𝐿/𝐷 ratio of SCFT specimens increased from 2 to 8, the parameter related to the effect of confinement concrete (πœ‚π‘) which is calculated from Eurocode 4 decreased. Therefore, the decrease in πœ‚π‘ resulted in a decrease in the concrete enhancement factor. For SCFT specimens with 𝐿/𝐷 ratio β‰₯ 10 the parameter πœ‚π‘ was negligible and resulted in the concrete enhancement factor =1.