Secure NFC Authentication Protocol Based on LTE Network



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Al-Alkeem, E., Yeun, C. & Baek, J. (2013). Secure NFC Authentication Protocol Based on LTE Network. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering: Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications (pp. 363-371). United Kingdom: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.


NFC (Near Field Communication) has a good adaptable structure that it can be easily combined with any wireless network. Since NFC can be used to communicate without using a proper wire, all the transactions can be done remotely without any physical connections. In this paper, we propose a new authentication protocol based on LTE network to secure the NFC. Our protocol enhances the security level provided by the LTE. Our approach is new in a sense that it covers LTE in contrast to old networks like GSM & 3G substantially treated in the literature. Moreover, both GSM and 3G have several drawbacks when they are combined with the NFC technology, which has potential weakness in confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. Hence our new approach will resolve the security of the new LTE system. We expect that our protocol will result in new secure applications for the smart phone markets.

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