Efficient online/offline identity-based signature for wireless sensor network



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Liu, J. K., Baek, J., Zhou, J., Yang, Y., Yang, Y. & Wong, J. (2010). Efficient online/offline identity-based signature for wireless sensor network. International Journal of Information Security, 9 287-296.


In this paper, we present an online/offline identity-based signature scheme for the wireless sensor network (WSN). We argue that due to significant reduction in costs of computation and storage, our scheme is particularly suitable for theWSN environment with severely constrained resources. One of the interesting features of our scheme is that it provides multi-time usage of the offline storage, which allows the signer to re-use the offline pre-computed information in polynomial time, in contrast to one-time usage in all previous online/offline signature schemes. As evidence of the practicality and feasibility of our scheme to be used in theWSN environment, we provide an actual implementation result of our scheme on the MicaZ platform.

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