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Zhou, R., Cao, Y., Zhao, R., Zhou, Q., Shen, J., Zhou, Q. & Zhang, H. (2019). A novel cloud based auxiliary medical system for hypertension management. Applied Computing and Informatics, 15 114-119.


As a common disease, hypertension (HTN) can lead to severe complications such as heart failure, renal failure and stroke. However, delayed diagnosis often happens because of no obvious symptoms in earlier stage. This paper addresses the issue through a novel cloud based auxiliary medical system for HTN. Nowadays, telemedicine has been used to diagnose and monitor HTN by sharing and consulting personal health status with doctors. Its high flexibility and processing ability have helped to reduce the overall cost of medical care and enhanced the control rate. Technically, telemedicine uses communication, holographic imaging and computer science to achieve the management for long-distance patients. This paper presents a novel system based on cloud computing and mobile Internet, which can provide telemedicine services for HTN patients. This system could help patients reduce costs, provide flexible communication platform and powerful computing services, and also automatically collect patients’ blood pressure status. As an auxiliary medical system, the data of patients can be processed with instant status feedbacks in the cloud environment, thus patients can actually know their current cardiac status and take necessary measures for efficient management. Also, related doctors could help patients resolve mild symptoms out of office.



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