Delay-aware data collection in wireless sensor networks with mobile nodes



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H. Huang, A. V. Savkin & C. Huang, "Delay-aware data collection in wireless sensor networks with mobile nodes," in 36th Chinese Control Conference, CCC: proceedings, 2017, pp. 8875-8878.


The data delivery delay is a significant measure in wireless sensor networks when the users focus on data freshness. In the previous work, two approaches named: Unusual Message Delivery Path Construction (UMDPC) and Improved-UMDPC (I-UMDPC), target on delivering unusual message to mobile nodes within the allowed latency. The data collection system consists of a set of sensor nodes (S nodes) to detect the environment, a set of mobile nodes (M nodes) attached to buses to collect sensory data, and a set of B nodes deployed at bus stops to assist data delivery. The goal of this work is to investigate the influence of B node coverage on the delay sensitive data delivery performance of the two existing approaches. In this paper, the B node coverage is indicated by the average hop distance between cluster heads and B nodes. We focus on seeking the minimum achieved allowed latency under different B node coverage and demonstrate the results through simulations.

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