Particle image velocimetry based on wavelength division multiplexing



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Tang, C., Li, E. & Li, H. (2018). Particle image velocimetry based on wavelength division multiplexing. Optics and Laser Technology, 98 318-325.


This paper introduces a technical approach of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) based particle image velocimetry (PIV). It is designed to measure transient flows with different scales of velocity by capturing multiple particle images in one exposure. These images are separated by different wavelengths, and thus the pulse separation time is not influenced by the frame rate of the camera. A triple-pulsed PIV system has been created in order to prove the feasibility of WDM-PIV. This is demonstrated in a sieve plate extraction column model by simultaneously measuring the fast flow in the downcomer and the slow vortices inside the plates. A simple displacement/velocity field combination method has also been developed. The constraints imposed by WDM-PIV are limited wavelength choices of available light sources and cameras. The usage of WDM technique represents a feasible way to realize multiple-pulsed PIV.

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