Efficient identity-based online/offline encryption and signcryption with short ciphertext



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Lai, J., Mu, Y. & Guo, F. (2017). Efficient identity-based online/offline encryption and signcryption with short ciphertext. International Journal of Information Security, 16 (3), 299-311.


2016, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. The technique of online/offline is regarded as a promising approach to speed up the computation of encryption, because the most part of computation, such as pairing over points on elliptic curve and exponentiation in groups, can be pre-computed in the offline phase without knowing the message to be encrypted and/or recipient's identity. The online phase only requires light computation, such as modular multiplication. In this paper, we propose two novel identity-based online/offline schemes: a full secure identity-based online/offline encryption scheme and an identity-based online/offline signcryption scheme. Compared to the other schemes in the literature, our schemes achieve the shortest ciphertext size in both offline and online phases and demonstrate the best performance in offline computation. Our schemes are applicable to devices with limited computation power. They are proven secure in the random oracle model.

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