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Zhao, Q., Yan, S., Yuan, D., Zhang, J., Du, H., Alici, G. & Li, W. (2017). Double-Mode Microparticle Manipulation by Tunable Secondary Flow in Microchannel With Arc-Shaped Groove Arrays. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 11 (6), 1406-1412.


In this paper, we proposed a microparticle manipulation approach, by which particles are able to be guided to different equilibrium positions through modulating the Reynolds number. In the microchannel with arc-shaped groove arrays, secondary flow vortex arisen due to the pressure gradient varies in the aspects of both magnitude and shape with the increase of Reynolds number. And the variation of secondary flow vortex brings about different focusing modes of microparticles in the microchannel. We investigated the focusing phenomenon experimentally and analyzed the mechanism through numerical simulations. At a high Reynolds number (Re & #x003D; 127.27), the geometry-induced secondary flow rotates constantly along a direction, and most particles are guided to the equilibrium position near one side of the microchannel. However, at a low Reynolds number (Re & #x003D; 2.39), the shapes of geometry-induced secondary flow vortices are obviously different, forming a variant Dean-like vortex that consists of two asymmetric counter-rotating streams in cross sections of the straight channel. Because of the periodical effects, suspended particles are concentrated at another equilibrium position on the opposite side of the microchannel. Meanwhile, the effects of particle size influence both the focusing position and quality in regimes.



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