Application of comprehensive AGC system for aluminum twin-stand cold rolling mill



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F. Zhang, X. Wang, S. Zong, Z. Ling & H. Pei, "Application of comprehensive AGC system for aluminum twin-stand cold rolling mill," International Journal of Control and Automation, vol. 10, (6) pp. 49-60, 2017.


The design and implementation of the automatic gauge control (AGC) system of an aluminum twin-stand cold rolling mill are discussed. Integration of the thickness control with feedforward AGC, gaugemeter AGC, monitor AGC and gap compensations resulted in a fully coordinated gauge control system, which provides the ability to make quick and accurate modifications to both control loops and tuning constants, and contributes to the improvement of gauge accuracy and stable rolling. Production data display that the ratio of the thickness deviation falling within ±1% of the target thickness increased from 94.6% to 98.4%, which reveals that this gauge control system with the eccentricity and oil film compensation is superior to the conventional gauge control system in the strip gauge control accuracy. For the old production lines, the application of this system does not need new equipment, and therefore it is suitable for the revamping and upgrading of the old system.

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