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Heffernan, E., Beazley, S., McCarthy, T. J. & Sohel, M. I. (2017). Energy efficiency within mid-rise residential buildings: A critical review of regulations in Australia. Energy Procedia, 121 292-299.


Within Australia, increasingly more people are choosing to live in cities. Due to a need for urban densification and more affordable housing, for the first time, development approvals for multi-residential developments have overtaken those for individual houses. The growing sector of mid-rise residential buildings in Australian cities has the potential to contribute significantly to improving the energy efficiency of the building stock. However, there is limited empirical research on this sector within the Australian context. The mandatory framework for the energy efficiency of mid-rise residential developments in Australia, with a focus on New South Wales with its distinct regulatory requirements, is critically reviewed and synthesised with the literature. The review provides an understanding of the regulatory context under which mid-rise residential developments are undertaken. The limitations of the current energy efficiency framework are highlighted. This study provides an understanding of the status quo in energy efficiency regulations for mid-rise residential buildings in Australia and demonstrates that there is both scope and an imperative for regulatory minima to be enhanced.



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