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Ying, C. K., Bolst, D., Tran, L. T., Guatelli, S., Rozenfeld, A. B. & Kamil, W. A. (2017). Contributions of secondary fragmentation by carbon ion beams in water phantom: Monte Carlo simulation. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 851 (1), 012033-1-012033-6.


Heavy-particle therapy such as carbon ion therapy is currently very popular because of its superior conformality in terms of dose distribution and higher Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE). However, carbon ion beams produce a complex mixed radiation field, which needs to be fully characterised. In this study, the fragmentation of a 290 MeV/u primary carbon ion beam was studied using the Geant4 Monte Carlo Toolkit. When the primary carbon ion beam interacts with water, secondary light charged particles (H, He, Li, Be, B) and fast neutrons are produced, contributing to the dose, especially after the distal edge of the Bragg peak.



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