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Deng, G. Y., Zhu, H. T., Tieu, A. K., Su, L. H., Reid, M., Zhang, L., Wei, P. T., Zhao, X., Wang, H., Zhang, J., Li, J. T., Ta, T. D., Zhu, Q., Kong, C. & Wu, Q. (2017). Theoretical and experimental investigation of thermal and oxidation behaviours of a high speed steel work roll during hot rolling. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 131-132 811-826.


In the present study, thermal behaviours of a HSS work roll in actual service condition during hot rolling have been systematically investigated by an experimentally validated model. Influencing factors including finishing stand number, heat transfer coefficients in different circumferential thermal boundaries and initial work roll body temperature have also been carefully examined on the temperature and thermal stress distributions within the work roll. Based on working temperature range at roll surface from the theoretical analysis, oxidation tests of a HSS work roll material have been conducted. It has been observed that the practical HSS oxide scale is obviously different compared to those developed in laboratory not only because of the complicated oxidation atmosphere in industry, but also influenced by the cyclic mechanical load and thermal stress at the work roll surface.



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