Characterisation of long-term voltage stability with variable-speed wind power generation



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K. Amarasekara, L. G. Meegahapola, A. P. Agalgaonkar & S. Perera, "Characterisation of long-term voltage stability with variable-speed wind power generation," IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, vol. 11, (7) pp. 1848-1855, 2017.


Voltage stability in general is of paramount importance with increasing penetration levels of variable-speed wind power generators (VSWGs) in power systems. Limited knowledge exists considering the impact of VSWGs on long-term voltage stability (LTVS) of power systems, focusing on doubly fed induction generators and full-converter wind generators. This paper presents the results of a comprehensive study on the impact of VSWGs on LTVS. Integration of wind generators while operating the existing synchronous generators improves the LTVS. However, it is unlikely that power systems will retain all existing synchronous generators operating, with high wind penetration levels. Therefore, this study compares the capability of the synchronous generators and VSWGs on LTVS by considering the dynamic reactive power capabilities. The significance of overload capability of synchronous generators on LTVS is highlighted. It is also illustrated that integrating wind farms at remote and local locations from load centres has distinct impacts on LTVS. Replacement of synchronous generators located in close proximity to load centres has a detrimental effect on LTVS. Furthermore, this study demonstrates the impact of different wind generator loading levels on LTVS. The study outcomes highlight several distinct factors which influence the LTVS of power systems with high wind penetration levels.

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