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Hadi, M. N. S. & Al-Tikrite, A. (2017). Behaviour of fibre-reinforced RPC columns under different loading conditions. Construction and Building Materials, 156 293-306.


This paper investigates experimentally the influence of steel fibres inclusion on the behaviour of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) columns. Micro steel fibre (MF) and deformed steel fibres (DF) were used. Steel fibres were hybridized to produce hybrid steel fibre (HF). Sixteen RPC specimens were cast and tested under axial loading, eccentric loading (25 mm and 50 mm) and four-point bending. Results of testing demonstrated that RPC specimens that included MF exhibited 8-58% higher load carrying capacity compared to the reference NF specimens. Moreover, RPC specimens that included HF showed 29-408% higher ductility under different loading conditions compared to the reference specimens (NF). Also, the RPC specimens containing steel fibres exhibited 2-32% higher axial deformation under different loading conditions compared to NF specimens. Finally, it was observed that the RPC specimens reinforced with HF showed delayed spalling of concrete cover more than the RPC specimens that included MF and DF.



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