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Saghafi, A. (2017). Discussion on determination of gas content of coal and uncertainties of measurement. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, 27 (5), 741-748.


Gas content of coal is mostly determined using a direct method, particularly in coal mining where mine safety is of paramount importance. Direct method consists of measuring directly the volume of gas desorbed from coal in several steps, from solid then crushed coal. In mixed gas conditions the composition of the desorbed gas is also measured to account for contribution of various coal seam gas in the mix. The determination of gas content using the direct method is associated with errors of measurement of volume of gas but also the errors associated with measurement of composition of the desorbed gas. These errors lead to uncertainties in reporting the gas content and composition of in-situ seam gas. This paper discusses the current direct method practised in Australia and potential errors and uncertainty associated with this method. Generic methods of estimate of uncertainties are also developed and are to be included in reporting gas content of coal. A method of direct measurement of remaining gas in coal following the completion of standard gas content testing is also presented. The new method would allow the determination of volume of almost all gas in coal and therefore the value of total gas content. This method is being considered to be integrated into a new standard for gas content testing.



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