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Li, X., Yang, C., Ren, T., Nie, B., Zhao, C., Liu, S. & Jiang, T. (2017). Creep behaviour and constitutive model of coal filled with gas. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, 27 (5), 847-851.


Coal exhibits different creep behaviours when filled with different amounts of gas. Creep tests of coal filled with 0 and 0.5. MPa. gas were performed, and strain under different axial stress was compared. The three creep constitutive models which were analysed using the method fitting experimental data for determining which creep model can reflect the creep process of the test best. The results show that the deformation of coal filled with 0.5. MPa. gas is more higher than that of coal filled with 0. MPa. gas under the same axial stress. Gas plays a positive effect on the deformation of coal process and will accelerate creep process. And gas will reduce coal intensity and change coal creep properties. Compared with Nishihara Model and Extensional Nishihara Model, Burgers Model can reflect the three stages of creep process of coal filled with gas better. The research results can contribute to reveal coal and gas outburst mechanism.



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