An Efficient Privacy Preserving Message Authentication Scheme for Internet-of-Things



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Wei, J., Tran, V. & Yang, G. (2021). An Efficient Privacy Preserving Message Authentication Scheme for Internet-of-Things. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 17 (1), 617-626.


© 2005-2012 IEEE. As an essential element of the next generation Internet, Internet of Things (IoT) has been undergoing an extensive development in recent years. In addition to the enhancement of people's daily lives, IoT devices also generate/gather a massive amount of data that could be utilized by machine learning and big data analytics for different applications. Due to the machine-to-machine communication nature of IoT, data security and privacy are crucial issues that must be addressed to prevent different cyber attacks (e.g., impersonation and data pollution/poisoning attacks). Nevertheless, due to the constrained computation power and the diversity of IoT devices, it is a challenging problem to develop lightweight and versatile IoT security solutions. In this article, we propose an efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving message authentication scheme for IoT. Our scheme supports IoT devices with different cryptographic configurations and allows offline/online computation, making it more versatile and efficient than the previous solutions.

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