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Aziz, N., Khaleghparast, S., Anzanpour, S., Remennikov, A. & Mirzaghorbanali, A. (2020). Static and dynamic testing of tendons. E3S Web of Conferences, 192 E3S Web of Conferences


© The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2020. Underground support system using tendons has been one of the significant achievements in Civil and Mining engineering endeavours in facing challenges of ground control. However, shear failure of rock bolts is still one of the least monitored phenomenon in underground excavations with respect to seismic events. The understanding of the performance of rock bolts under dynamic loading condition requires a great deal of research. A series of tests were undertaken utilising a drop hammer mass of 600 Kg from a maximum height of 3.7 m over concrete blocks in the double shear box with chemical resin encapsulated a rock bolt to investigate the performance of rock bolts under dynamic shear load. Load cells, displacement laser and high speed camera were used to monitor the test. Results from the data analyses are presented in the form of displacement, hammer mass drop velocity, acceleration and force variation with time for all components involved in each test. The time factor was found to contribute 30 % of the shear load in static testing in comparison with dynamic; In particular, the force-displacement curve and energy absorption for the reinforcement system are presented to examine the performance of rock bolts and conclusion drawn.



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