Solid-flow interactions of a large aspect ratio cylinder in a shallow open channel



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Miguntanna, N., Sivakumar, M., Yang, S., Enever, K. & Bin, M. (2020). Solid-flow interactions of a large aspect ratio cylinder in a shallow open channel. Physics of Fluids, 32 (5),


© 2020 Author(s). The complex wake created by an emergent slender circular cylinder in a shallow open channel flow is studied at a cylinder Reynolds number (ReD) of 3300 and at a subcritical Froude number of 0.58 in water. Methodical laser Doppler velocimetry measurements were taken in a very fine grid in three horizontal planes at near bed, mid-depth, and near free surface both upstream and downstream of the cylinder. Demarcation of the entire wake region starting from the first point of the onset of disturbed flow upstream to undisturbed flow downstream entirely based on experiments successfully added a novel contribution to the research on wake flow over a single cylinder. The proximity of the bed and free surface has a significant effect on the structure of the wake compared to the mid-depth. The size, shape, and development of the recirculation region behind the cylinder vary in the vertical direction from the bed to free surface. The longest wake closure point was found in the near bed region and the shortest was found near the free surface. The new model developed pertinent to longitudinal velocity deficit can be used as a velocity deficit scale for the entire far wake region for shallow wakes at mid-depth and near free surface. Urms/Us profiles along the transverse direction initially show a double peak behavior for all three levels, and well away from the cylinder downstream, the double peak becomes broader and less distinct, which is attributed to the effect of the separating shear layers. It is also noted that the wake characteristics of slender cylinders are significantly different from those of wakes generated by cylinders with small aspect ratios.

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