Automated reconstruction of multiple objects with individual movement based on PSP



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L. Lu, Z. Jia, W. Pan, Q. Zhang, M. Zhang & J. Xi, "Automated reconstruction of multiple objects with individual movement based on PSP," Optics Express, vol. 28, (19) pp. 28600-28611, 2020.


© 2020 Optical Society of America. Many methods have been proposed to reconstruct the moving object based on phase shifting profilometry. Quality reconstruction results can be achieved when a single moving object or multiple objects with same movement are measured. However, errors will be introduced when multiple objects with individual movements are reconstructed. This paper proposes an automated method to track and reconstruct the multiple objects with individual movement. First, the objects are identified automatically and their bounding boxes are obtained. Second, with the identified objects' images before movement, the objects are tracked by the KCF algorithm in the successive fringe pattern after movement. Third, the SIFT method is applied on the tracked object images and the objects' movement is described individually by the rotation matrix and translation vector. Finally, the multiple objects are reconstructed based on the different movement information. Experiments are presented to verify the effectiveness.

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